Saturday, May 18, 2019

Our May Round Robin Blog

Our May Round Robin challenge is: What would you like to tell your readers about your novels and their purpose?

I would love to be able to answer this with a noble, high-brow, reply. However, first and foremost, I wanted to write books like those I enjoyed reading. Now, how self-serving is that? Nothing noble or high-brow there. I wrote purely for my own pleasure and satisfaction.

That only lasted until I got the itch for publication, and then everything changed. I had to let my babies out of my sight while they were perused by critique partners and beta readers. Handing over my first ever novel to an editor was gut-wrenching but I was lucky enough to receive great feedback which empowered me and so I kept writing. 

My books are mostly historical romantic fiction. I say mostly as I have penned two Regency romances (my favourite historical era), an Edwardian trilogy, a more recent romance set in 1935 and one contemporary western romance. I may attempt more contemporary western romances. If my books have a purpose, it is to entertain my reader. Hopefully, they will enjoy the romance, find some intriguing historical fact that they might not have known before, and be satisfied when they get to the last line.

Reviews on all my titles are, for the main part, favourable. I have met people in libraries who have rushed off to see if any of my books are on the shelf and have later received messages on how much they have enjoyed whichever book they have read. I have talked to people at book-signings and recommended whichever of my titles fit with their reading tastes or what they might like to give as a gift. Sales remain steady and I like to think that I now have a happy and contented readership, which is all I ever really wanted from my books.

I’m going to be interested in what these authors have to say.