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Thanks to my wonderful publisher - BWL Publishing Inc - the Canadian Historical Brides Collection is now available in audio. My book, set in Banff, Alberta, is Number One in the Collection.

PHOEBE FISHER - Those Regency Belles Book 3

Her fortune attracts many suitors, but when they discover Phoebe Fisher’s one notable and outstanding flaw, they depart as quickly as they arrive. Phoebe despairs ever finding someone who will love her just as she is.

Returning to his family home after an absence of ten years, Andrew Fitzgibbon is devastated to find his only relative deceased, the house derelict and the estate almost bankrupt. Without the funds to support it, the title he inherits is worthless. He needs a fortune. Phoebe has one. Reluctant to offer marriage to a young lady simply for her wealth, Andrew finds her intriguing and suggests a solution that might suit them both.

Phoebe agrees, but Andrew’s past may cloud their new life together. Will it make or break them? Will their marriage of convenience become a love match, or will Phoebe never know what it is to love and be loved?

CHARLOTTE GRAY - Those Regency Belles Book 2

Charlotte Gray discovers her home ransacked, her father missing, and a dark and dangerous stranger, Benjamin Abernathy, waiting for her. He had promised to take care of his friend’s daughter if anything befell him and must now follow through with that promise.

With no other options, and despite her misgivings, Charlotte becomes established in the stranger’s home as governess to his nephew and niece. Benjamin doubts her ability to cope with the two young hellions but is quickly reassured as he recognizes the sharp mind behind her blue eyes. But is it Charlotte’s mind he falls in love with, or her delectable body?

With Charlotte hunted for the knowledge she is suspected of possessing and Benjamin, for the threat he presents, danger stalks them. But the smugglers and spies behind the threat have no chance against this duo, who will go to any lengths to protect the secrets they each must keep.

HESTER DYMOCK - Those Regency Belles Book 1

Hester Dymock dreams of one man, Lord Gabriel Ravenshall. She knows a liaison between them is impossible without her having title or fortune. Involved in an accident close to her home, he falls and breaks his leg. Abandoning all discretion, she rushes to his aid.

Gabriel has no choice but to submit to Hester’s care and that of her mother, an apothecary and her brother, a doctor. Embittered by the memory of his parent’s loveless marriage, he broods over his growing regard for Hester, unaware of her deep attraction to him. Once his leg has mended enough for him to return to his home, he is dismayed to discover that Hester is to continue tending him.

Her stubborn, uncooperative patient keeps Hester on her toes. With her help, will Gabriel learn to walk again? And will he allow himself to love her, or will her hopes for the future remain a dream?

Brides of Banff Springs. Canadian Historical Brides Book 1

In the Dirty Thirties, when work is hard to come by, Tilly McCormack secures a position at the prestigious Banff Springs Hotel, one of Canada’s grand railway hotels and soon learns of the hotel’s resident ghost.

At first, Tilly dismisses the tale of the bride who slipped on the hotel’s marble staircase and fell to her death. After a chilling encounter in a stairwell and then being inexplicably drawn into waltzing on her own in the ballroom, Tilly can no longer deny the rumors. Of more concern is one of the guests whose wedding is soon to take place at the hotel.

When the bride-to-be goes missing, Tilly enlists the aid of trail guide Ryan Blake to find her. Ryan is happy to help, as he intends to make Tilly his bride. Will there be at least one happy ending between the ghost bride, the missing bride, and a possible bride-to-be?


Cold Gold.

1907: A gold mining town in northern California is hardly the place for a member of the English aristocracy. When Lady Serena Buxton arrives in Cold Creek, she is shocked to find her husband, Lord Randolph Buxton, is missing. Everyone in town treats her as if she is already a widow. With no husband and no money, what is a lady to do?


On Borrowed Time.

1913: Lord and Lady Buxton's orderly lives are upset by Pinkerton Agent Stuart Montgomery's unexpected arrival at their estate in England. Montgomery is investigating suspicious deaths at an American aviation company. Will the Buxtons return with him to America and help him close the case? Or is this an excuse for Montgomery to renew a potentially scandalous association with Serena?


Shell Shocked

1918: Lord Randolph Buxton is fighting at the front during the closing months of World War I. Lady Serena manages Buxton Hall which has been converted into a military hospital. When Randolph is reported missing in action, Serena is heartbroken but carries on with day-to-day duties while she awaits news of her husband. And then Randolph comes home. She married for love, but she does not know the man who returns to her. Will she be strong enough to hold together everything she most cherishes?


The Buxton Chronicles.

All three Buxton stories in one volume.



His Dark Enchantress - Berkeley Square Series Book 1

Emmaline Devereux’s grandfather is dying and insists on a London season to find herself a husband and secure her future. The only husband Emmaline would consider is her friend's dark and imposing brother. 

Lucius, Earl of Avondale has sworn to not marry until he is forty but fate brings Emmaline to his door. With a war raging between his head and the heart he is in danger of losing to her, he enters into a marriage of convenience with her but then she is abducted.

Will Lucius succeed in finding her and will the truth tear them apart or strengthen their love?

His Ocean Vixen - Berkeley Square Series Book 2

Newly-wed Lady Juliana Beamish has much to look forward to but her future turns bleak when the ship she is voyaging on is attacked by pirates.

Captain Drake O’Hara serves no master and only one mistress – the sea. On course for Jamaica, wreckage strewn across the ocean’s surface offers up a beautiful survivor and he has no option but to take her aboard.

Drake undermines her every notion of what desire is but, uncertain if she is still a wife or might already be a widow, Juliana is unwilling to dishonor her marriage vows. Can she continue to resist Drake or will she surrender to the unrelenting passions he has stirred in her?


 His Unexpected Muse: Berkeley Square series Book 3

 When Lady Olivia Darnley is seemingly abandoned by her mother, she accepts the assistance of a stranger, Lady Skeffington, who offers her a position as a companion, much to her son’s dismay.

Lord Peter Skeffington is not at all pleased that his mother has chosen to not only take Lady Olivia under her wing, but her dog, too. Despite his reservations, he finds in Olivia a shared interest in books and begins to look for her daily until he faces the uncomfortable realization that he is in love with her.

Still hurt by her mother’s disappearance and desperate to find her, Olivia relies more and more on Peter’s support, but a shocking betrayal by the man she has come to trust and love shatters her newfound happiness. Will Peter manage to overcome the rift that he has unwittingly caused between them? Will Olivia accept not only his apology but also his proposal of marriage? Is there a future for this apparently mismatched pair?

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Legacy of Love

Callie Wade: Some would call her a successful businesswoman. Colt McKeacham must call this knockout redhead his boss.

Colt McKeacham: Some see him as a rugged, tough ranch foreman. Callie sees a sexy-as-hell cowboy with an attitude. How can she resist him?

Callie Wade almost inherits a ranch from a grandfather she never knew she had. The last stipulation in his will, that she marry the ranch foreman, Colt McKeacham, within six months, leaves her reeling. When Callie visits the ranch and suffers a series of accidents, Colt sees a disturbingly familiar pattern and begins to suspect that her grandfather’s death was not what it appeared. Who is deliberately trying to drive Callie away, or worse? Despite their growing attraction for each other, Callie has her own suspicions that Colt wants the ranch more than he wants her. The truth stuns them both.



Loving That Cowboy.

Photojournalist Trisha Watts is asked to judge a photography competition at the world-famous Calgary Stampede and promised lots of hot cowboys.

One more big rodeo win will fulfill all champion steer wrestler Cameron Carter’s ambitions, but when he meets green-eyed, long-legged Trisha his ambitions turn to wrestling of another kind. But is this cowboy too hot for her to handle? Cameron sweeps her off her feet one minute, ignores her the next. 

Not trusting her heart, Trisha can barely wait for the Stampede to finish so she can go home, never expecting that Cameron will cross an ocean to track her down. Will she believe this determined cowboy’s explanation? Or will she close the door on what could be the love of her life?



Fool's Gold Anthology - Bandit Creek Series Book 15


Stories of Chance Romance
Three women, desperate to do something about breast cancer. One suffered loss. One survived. One endures. Together they are trying to beat breast cancer, one book at a time.

All authors' proceeds from the sale of Stories of Chance Romance are donated to advance the treatment of breast cancer.

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