Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Where Does the Time Go?


The plate above the dial face on my clock reads Tempus Fugit - Latin for Time Flies and that has certainly been the case for the first part of this year. Regardless of what has been happening in the world, I have written more diligently for the first few months of this year than I did in all of last year. 

Hester Dymock, the first book in my new Regency series, Those Regency Belles, came out in March and today my second contemporary western romance Legacy of Love is fully available on Amazon and other markets. 

Added to that, there is a promotion on my Berkeley Square series which hopefully will help you with your summer reading.

These are the details.

His Dark Enchantress is free for June, coupon code XL475



His Ocean Vixen is at 30% discount until June 30th 

His Unexpected Muse is at 30% discount until June 30th

I have enjoyed writing all my books, eventually. I think most authors find a tricky bit in every book, whether it is that all-important opening, maintaining interest through the middle, and then reaching a satisfying conclusion. After all, if the author doesn't love what they do, how can they expect to hold the reader's interest?

More to the point, how many authors read books from their back list? I still enjoy my books now and again. I'll read a passage or lines of dialogue and think, did I really write that? That's so good. Or I'll reach a point where I cried a bit while I was writing it. If it touched me, did it also touch my reader? I hope so. 

Look out for more promotion information coming soon!