Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Guest Author This Month Is....

My guest this month is one of the most fun authors I know. Katie O'Connor has a wickedly mischievous sense of humor and I was so pleased that she agreed to be my guest this month. I hope you enjoy her answers to my questions as much as I did.

    Q. When and why did you start writing? What is it about writing that satisfies you the most? 
     A. I’ve written off and on since I was about 18. Stories just come to me and I can’t make them go away unless I jot them down. I value the truth above almost everything else, and being an author allows me to spin outlandish tales without stretching the truth. I read once that writers are just people with multiple personalities and that writing keeps those personalities in check…some parts of me think this might be true; other parts think it is nonsense. (Snicker)

Q.     What is one subject or genre you would never write about and why? 
A.  I can’t think of any taboo subject. Even sensitive subjects such as rape, incest, abortion, and abuse can be used if handled with sensitivity and tact. That said, it can be a motivating factor in the growth of a character, or can have shaped their lives, but is not part of their daily lives. As for genre, I’ve tried my hand at many. I love romance and erotica. I’m working on a fantasy and a sci-fi novel. Mystery, however, seems too complicated to pen easily as I tend to write by the seat of my pants without too much advance plotting.

Q.     Have you had a defining moment in your writing life that changed everything for you?
A.  Recently, when I was bemoaning yet another rejection, I said, “Someday I’ll be a successful author.” My friend replied that I had eight published books and I was ALREADY a success. I think that moment is the point where I fully started to believe in myself and my work.

Q.     How did you feel when you held your first book in your hands?
A.  Interestingly enough, it wasn’t holding the first book that gave me my biggest thrill, perhaps because it was digital only and that’s just not the same as a printed book. Signing my first contract was the best feeling ever. Elation, disbelief, astonishment, thrill, aside from the birth of my children, it was the most wonderful day of my life, bar none. Now, back to holding that first book…When I published the next book and held it in my hand I was both awed and humbled to realize that I had done this. I had written a book worthy of printing! I still quiver with pleasure and pride when I think of signed contracts and print books.

Q.     If you weren’t a writer, what would you be and why?
A.  This will sound like a cop-out to the question, but I could never be anything but a writer. My heart and mind overflow with stories and ideas that must come out. I write them, I tell them to my grandkids and friends. I make-up stories about people I see at the mall. The stories are there and just keep coming. But, aside from that, I’m kind of old-fashioned. All I ever wanted to be was a mother and homemaker. That’s what made me happy. I’ve done that. I’m happily married and have been with my childhood sweetheart for 40 years. We’ve got two amazing daughters and five of the best grandkids that ever walked the earth. (Just ask me, I’ll tell you all about them.)

Q.    Do you work with critique partners? If so, what do you most like about the process? If not, is this an avenue you would consider in the future and if not, why not?
A.  I work with two critique partners, Shelley Kassian and Brenda Sinclair. I love the feedback I get, especially when I get the ‘what the heck was that supposed to be’ comments. The chance to pre-read two of my favorite author’s work is a great perk. The best part, by far, is that I can expect honest feedback from them. No slams, no false praise, just the truth framed in a manner that assists my writing process, rather than belittling me or my work.

1.     What keys on a keyboard do you not use?
The stupid trackpad on my laptop; I keep it turned off. It gets in the way, I touch it accidentally, and I end up zooming somewhere in my document that I don’t want to be. 

2.     Which of the four seasons do you like/dislike the most and why?
I think I prefer autumn or fall as we call it here in Canada. I love being outside when it’s cool but not cold. It gets dark early enough for a long evening bonfire and there are NO BUGS!

3.     What is your idea of perfect happiness?
This is a strange one. I don’t believe in perfect happiness. Without needing something or striving toward a goal, a person stagnates. And without sorrow, happiness is meaningless. But momentary happiness…hot coffee, something sweet to nibble on, solitude and a good book come pretty close to perfect.
4.     You are offered a free vacation, one a beach destination, the other a sight-seeing tour, which would you choose and why?
     Since I’m not a sun or beach person, I’d probably choose the sightseeing tour. They fire my imagination and spark new story ideas. Can it be to Scotland, please? Pretty please with sugar on top!
SPEED QUESTIONS: Straight YES/NO answers, unless you want to add a few words to qualify the answer.
Have you ever:
1.     Lied about your age? no
2.     Danced naked in the rain? yes
3.     Called in sick to work when you weren’t sick? no
4.     Won a contest? Yes: I was Snow-Queen 1977. Yup, I’m a beauty pageant winner.
5.     Eaten ice cream straight from the carton? Hellz Yes!
6.     Locked yourself out of your house? More than once.
7.     Ridden a motorcycle? As a passenger, yes. Driven one? No way in hell.
8.     Taken an enormous risk? No; I’m a coward by nature.
9.     Gotten lost in a strange city? Yuppers
10.  Eaten a whole packet of cookies? Who hasn’t?
11.  Watched the stars at night? As often as I can.

12.  Worn odd socks? Yes, although it annoys me. Fancy socks with pictures on them rock!
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