Sunday, July 16, 2017

Books by Brenda Sinclair

I promised you a selection of books by Brenda Sinclair today, and here they are. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for links to her website.

No More –

Destitute widow, Maggie Burns is willing to do anything to ensure her children’s well-being, even agreeing to a loveless marriage to a virtual stranger like Luke Carlyle. If only he wasn’t so darn handsome.

Wealthy widower and rancher, Luke Carlyle has had it with housework and raising his two daughters alone. A marriage of convenience with Maggie Burns is the answer. She’ll care for the house and the children, and he’ll run his ranch while downplaying the dangerous situation brewing there. And he’s hardly noticed the fact that the grieving widow is a very beautiful woman.

Now that they’ve formed a new family through their platonic business arrangement, can Luke and Maggie overcome every challenge Fate throws their way? Or due to their secret feelings for each other, is this marriage of convenience about to become exceedingly inconvenient?

No Time –

Raised in an orphanage, Ellie Thomas worked hard to earn the prestigious position of Spirit Creek’s schoolteacher.

Robert Rutherford has loved Ellie from afar for years, and he can’t imagine why she married a total stranger. When Ellie arrives at his law office, he’s dumbfounded by her scandalous request: an immediate divorce from her husband who has gone missing. When Robert is arrested by Pinkerton detectives, he finds his own life in chaos. Will Ellie believe he’s innocent?

Can she find the happiness she only ever dreamed about? Or, yet again, has a man made a fool of her?
With her life in pandemonium and her reputation in jeopardy, Ellie agrees to a marriage of convenience, but she soon discovers her new husband isn’t the man she thought him to be. Despite her attraction to Robert Rutherford, she considers the local lawyer only a friend who has stood by her during difficult times.

No Chance –

Warning: Adult content 18+. Some scenes may not be suitable for younger readers.

Sadie Peterman vows to change her acid-tongued, self-absorbed ways in order to achieve her dream of finding a suitable husband. But devastating circumstances, that have nothing to do with the passion-filled night she spent in the arms of handsome Chance Maxwell, throw her life into chaos. Faced with the possibility of a totally ruined reputation, Sadie quickly learns that finding a husband is the least of her worries. But is a husband who loves her the only solution for the spoiled debutante?

Chance returned to Spirit Creek after an eight-year, self-imposed exile in Texas. After an unplanned night of passion with beautiful Sadie, Chance is totally smitten. But the unexpected arrival of a woman Chance knew in Texas complicates his plans to win Sadie’s heart and her hand. After an accident on the family ranch, Chance isn’t expected to live. Could a medical miracle save Chance and Sadie’s dreams of a happy ending? Or will a misunderstanding prove too much to overcome?

Other books in the series – No Ties, No Peace (special novella), No Way, and No Hope.

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