Monday, April 16, 2018

Books by Shelley Kassian

Hello again! I'm happy to showcase three of Shelley Kassian's books. Shelley, a multi-published author, appreciates the corridors of medieval history and in particular the Tudor period. She has visited the United Kingdom, touring many castles in her pursuit of story. When asked, Shelley assists novice writers in building fictional worlds and enjoys crafting her own stories into novel-length fiction. She shares her life with her husband, adores her adult children, and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Here are three titles showcasing her talents. A romantasy (romantic fantasy) , a historical romance and a contemporary western romance which I am particularly looking forward to reading.

The Scarlett Mark, A MedEvil Romantasy. Book 1 in The Odin Saga

A Lord cursed.
A Princess cast aside.
A Mark that could change everything!

Seeking justice, Princess Scarlett challenges her stepbrother by way of a serpent test, unaware that her treasonous act will endanger her father the king, threaten her two royal sisters, and play into the premeditated plans of her stepmother—the queen. Known as a witch, the evil queen has an agenda to steal the throne and rid the castle of her stepchildren. Soon condemned to death, a risk taken saves the princess from execution, forcing the queen to banish her from the kingdom.

Cursed by the same spiteful witch, Lord Nicolai is most dangerous when transformed. Feared by everyone, he can’t see an end to his phantom life, until the princess arrives at his door. When a chase ensues to break the curse, the princess risks everything to save Lord Nicolai. Will a remedy be found in time, and how might the solution challenge the evil queen, should the Scarlett Mark prevail?

Fate cannot escape its guilty charge. Should the truth be discovered, the night watchman could detain Madeleine Bourbonnais once more…

A ward of King Louis XIV, Madeleine escapes from a Parisian hospital by accepting the king’s dowry, which frees her to immigrate to New France and secure a husband. Given her past and her condition, she’s an unlikely candidate for the Filles du Roi initiative, but when she arrives in the new world, she ashamedly accepts the admiration of a brave officer, hoping this handsome man could be the remedy for her misfortune.

A Captain in the Carignan-Saliere’s Regiment and a second son, Julian Benoit would never inherit the family estate, so he traveled to New France to serve and protect the French colony from Iroquois conflicts. When his commanding officer forces the statute of marriage, he complies with the edict, succumbing to a pretty mademoiselle, but he’s ill-equipped for her hidden truth.

Will Madeleine accept the challenges waiting to be borne in the new world? Can Julian recognize that this is the woman he’s been waiting for, and take her deeper into his heart and the demanding life of the Canadian wilderness, or annul their marriage and send her back to France, gambling the lives of all involved?


The Half Mile of Baby Blue, a contemporary romance, is part of the Women of Stampede Novels. This book will be available in June or early July, during Stampede time. It will be available in print at three Indigo and Chapter’s locations. Likewise with the rest of the series.  

No family can conceal its past forever. When forgotten findings inside a suitcase reveal a stampede legacy, a new generation risks history repeating itself…

After Kit Wheeler learns her family’s ranch has been threatened with foreclosure, she puts her former project manager skills to work to initiate a plan. Secrets are revealed, altering her objective and inspiring a wagon race laden with family conflict. To triumph, she requires a strategy. Her genius sister stages an auction and an attractive businessman scores the winning bid.

Gabe Bradshaw first glimpses Kit through the pages of the morning newspaper. Drawn to her evocative portrait and baby-blue eyes, the President of TarSan Oil proposes a strategy to champion her acquaintance. His motives might seem suspicious, but Kit understands his gameplay.

What distance will a family go to save their ranch? What risks will a man and woman take to reach the finish line? The only question remaining is, will they secure the Half Mile of Baby Blue?

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