Friday, August 14, 2020

A Last Resort



If you're looking for a light, funny, read for this weekend, try Brenda Sinclair's A Last Resort. 

What author wouldn't appreciate the use of her editor's getaway cabin in lush British Columbia? Emma Sullivan can't wait for the peace and quiet of the forest surroundings in which to finish her current work in progress.

Ha. She hasn't allowed for one man and his dog. Enter Lyndon Reynolds and Jake. From there work slows for both of them, until she discovers the man can - but I'm not telling what Lyndon can do. Get the book and read it for yourself.

Their growing romance is hampered by the arrival of an unexpected third party and some pertinent threads about home and family get thrown into the mix. 

And just to give you a taste, here's a little excerpt:

Emma’s traitorous heart skipped a beat at what sounded like a compliment. So, Lyndon was divorced. Perhaps he’d rescued Jake for company since he was single. Misplaced modifier. Lyndon was single, not Jake. Jake probably was also. Oh, for Pete’s sake. Authors seldom missed spotting poor grammar, even when it was their own. Finding himself single again, Lyndon adopted a cute rescue named Jake. She mentally shook herself as she silently rephrased her thought. Once an author…

Sinclair is nothing if not prolific. This is her 30th book. She writes both contemporary romance and western historical romance. For a list of her books and to see what she is up to now, visit her website at

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