Tuesday, March 16, 2021

It Never Gets Old



Here she is - Hester Dymock, Book 1 in my new series, Those Regency Belles. The premise for the series is that not all young Regency women were ladies with a capital L. While reading and writing about the upper classes, those heady echelons of the ton with all those Dukes, Duchesses, Lords and Ladies, can be fun, I had an idea that there might be another approach.

Enter Hester Dymock, a young lady who has a connection to the nobility but is far removed from it because of her mother's choices. Hester has uncommon skills which puts her on the edge of society in any social circle but Lord Gabriel Ravenshall is fascinated with her.

In Book 2, Charlotte Gray sets out to take up a position as a Lady's companion but finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and has no choice but to become a governess for Benjamin Abernathy's two young wards. Benjamin's very odd hours convince Charlotte he is up to no good. When she and the children are abducted, she is sure of it.

Phoebe Fisher, in Book 3, is a very different character, as is her love interest, Andrew Fitzgibbon. Her father's brickworks have provided Phoebe with a fortune, he needs one to restore his family home. Is this simply a marriage of convenience, or will true love prevail?

Three quite different girls, three quite different stories, and all, I hope, entertaining.

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