Friday, February 16, 2018

Books by Stuart R. West

As promised yesterday, here is a selection of Stuart R. West's books.  Stuart is a lifelong resident of Kansas, which he considers both a curse and a blessing. It's a curse because...well, it's Kansas. But it's great because…well, it’s Kansas. Lots of cool, strange and creepy things happen in the Midwest, and Stuart takes advantage of them in his books. Call it “Kansas Noir.” Stuart writes thrillers, horror, and mysteries usually tinged with humor, both for adult and young adult audiences. I hope you enjoy his books as much as I do. 

*Peculiar County

Blurb: Growing up in Peculiar County, Kansas, is a mighty...well, peculiar experience. In 1965, things get even stranger for Dibby Caldwell, the mortician's fifteen-year-old daughter. A young boy's ghost haunts Dibby into unearthing the circumstances of his death. Nobody—living or dead—wants her to succeed. James, the new mop-topped, bad boy at school doesn’t help. Dibby can’t get him out of her head, even though she doesn’t trust him. No, sir, there's nothing much more peculiar than life in Peculiar County…except maybe death in Peculiar County. 

"Peculiar County. The name fits like a glove. Try it on and see for yourself." Gail Roughton, paranormal, suspense and fantasy author

*Bad Day in a Banana Hammock

Blurb: Zach wakes up with no memory, no phone, and no clothes except his stripper g-string. And oh yeah! There’s that pesky naked dead guy in bed next to him. Problem is Zach's not gay. Or a murderer. At least, he doesn't think so. Only one person can help him, his sister, Zora. Of course, Zora's got problems of her own—she has three kids at home and is eight month's pregnant with the fourth. So she’s a bit cranky. But that’s not going to stop her from helping her brother. With kids in tow, the siblings set how to find the true killer, clear Zach's name, and reassure Zach he's not gay. 

“An hilarious murder mystery romp. Ride along with Zach and Zora on this most entertaining of mysteries.” -Heather Brainerd, author of the Jose Picada, P.I. mystery series. 
“Bad Day in a Banana Hammock will have you wiping up tears of hysterical laughter.” -Suzanne de Montigney, author of the Shadow of the Unicorn series.
“A fun, quirky whodunit so full of wild antics, it will keep you guessing...when you're not giggling.” -Heather Greenis, author of The Natasha Saga.

*Secret Society

Blurb: Leon Garber has his reasons for ridding the world of abusive people, call it justifiable homicide. Opportunity comes knocking from Like-Minded Individuals, Inc., a global company fulfilling the needs of clients: new identities, security, and even lists of potential “projects.” But let’s not call it “serial killing” (such a nasty term). For Leon, it’s a dream come true.

However, LMI has put a target on Leon’s back, with no indication of why. LMI, the police, sanctioned hit men, and a vicious psychopath are after Leon. He collides with other Like-Minded Individuals: The Good Samaritan Killer, The Mad Doctor, Donnie, and Marie (don’t ask). Heads are chopped, dropped, and swapped as Leon fights for his life. But nothing will keep him from finishing his current project. Not even the chance to fall in love. Sometimes a killer business idea is just that. Killer.

"Secret Society of Like-Minded Individuals pulls you in for a furious ride, sure to give you chills. Dark, gritty and meaty fun." -Meradeth Houston, author of the Sary Society series.
"A brilliant thriller about a society of serial killers with just a dusting of humor. Suspense fans will not be disappointed."-Heather Greenis, author of the Natasha Saga.
"Dexter meets Dilbert. Take a serial killer, cross it with the bureaucracy of the damned & the game is on."-5 star USA Review

Writer Bio:
Stuart spent 25 years in the corporate sector and now writes full time. He’s married to a professor of pharmacy (who greatly appreciates the fact he cooks dinner for her every night) and has a 25-year-old daughter who’s dabbling in the nefarious world of banking.

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